The new generation of software

for printing and for plastic cards’ management.

CardPresso is the ideal instrument for the personalization of professional plastic cards.


In a simple and intuitive way, it allows to connect to databases and exploit advanced functionalities such as 1D/2D bar codes, magnetic stripe, contact smart card and RFID codification.


The software includes 5 versions, according to the required processing features.
Starting from a base software you can go up to the complete version.
Here below you’ll find a brief description of all the available versions:


XXS: the entry level licence designed to create simple badges; it offers templates, drawing and visual editing tools, variable objects, 1D barcodes, codification of the magnetic stripe and images’ acquisition (WIA, DirectShow). (No DataBase).



XS: The XS licence includes all the characteristics of the XXS licence with the addition of other features, among which the management of QR codes, the connection with .xls, .csv and .txt databases, the database view and the link of images with a database field.



XM: The XM licence allows to add to the characteristics of the previous licences the connection with Access DataBase Internals, photos on DataBase, tools to recognize the face in a photo (FaceCrop) and 2D barcodes.



XL: The XL licence manages all the characteristics of the previous licences and it offers, in addition, the possibility to connect to all DataBases through ODBC, the codification of some of the most widespread contact chips, the RFID functionality. Furthermore, it gives the possibility to handle multi-layouts, logs and a lot more.



XXL: With the XXL licence it is possible to manage advanced coding systems like DESFire, web Printer Server and Net licences, up to 16 connected licences.



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