Founded in 1979, Emme Esse M.S. is part of the EMME CI GI group, which has been active for over 40 years at national and international level in different areas and with heterogeneous professional expertise: Healthcare Solutions, Identification systems, Semiconductors, Industry and Security.

The headquarters are located in Milan with around 70 employees and 5000 m2 of manufacturing, warehouse and office space.

The main companies pertaining to the EMME CI GI Holding are:


Active in the sectors of Healthcare Solutions and Identification Systems

Healthcare Solutions

Identification Systems


Operating in the Semiconductors and Security sectors


Founded with the aim of serving the Italian market of semiconductors, in 1985 Microcontrol Electronic started to plan and produce its own product line.

Microcontrol Electronic is now a leading supplier at international level of equipment and services for the microelectronics industry; its portfolio includes lamination, polymerization and UV-treatment systems, counting more than 500 units installed in 20 different countries, continuously supported by the internal technical service group.

Microcontrol Electronic is renowned for the flexibility and reliability of its instruments, and it is always committed to accept any new challenge in the semiconductors sector.


Microcontrol Electronic is an official partner of Astrophysics Inc. and of Analysed Images Ltd.
It commercializes their products and provides technical support for them: equipment for X-rays screening, equipment for detection of dangerous goods and Metal Detectors to inspect people.

The range of products offered, with cutting-edge electronic technologies, satisfies any market need and is in conformity with current national and international legal provisions for equipment with sources of ionising radiation.

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The high corporate standards are guaranteed by a certified quality and environmental management system.

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