In 2016 Emme Esse M.S. launched on the market the suite PHYSICO® for the computerized management of Medical Physics processes, entirely developed by the own internal Research & Development team. With it, the company presents itself with an innovative role in the sector, aiming at the total digitalization and dematerialization of the Service.

The idea of creating and developing the PHYSICO® application stems from a deep sector analysis and from Emme Esse M.S. long-standing experience in the medical field.

PHYSICO®A unique application for collection, management, digital and dematerialized processing and archiving of information, always accessible via web, with modular and entirely customizable solutions, PHYSICO® represents the ideal instrument for the Specialists in Medical Physics and the Experts in Radioprotection for the optimization of their own control and surveillance activities.

For the first time it is possible to gather and memorize all the data in a single database and to analyse and correlate all the pieces of information among each other, fully enhancing the collected information assets, making them immediately and easily accessible to operators for consultation, processing, correlations and combined analyses, allowing considerable efficiency and effectiveness saving.

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