Your ideal partner for registration of participants.

Emme Esse M.S. deals with accreditation of participants in events of any typology.
Through the software Booking Event / Loyal Eventi we offer Experience and Technologies to realize with you innovative and functional solutions.

Booking Event: fully customizable Web platform for the registration and the online access control of event attendees.

Loyal Eventi: System of on-site Electronic Reception for the registration and real-time production of an access Ticket / Badge.

We design together with the Client the ideal solution for an adequate management of the event.

Here below we provide to You, through our brochures, a brief description of our services.

The typologies of companies that turn to us are:

National and international companies – Medical and scientific associations – Trade Fair Organizations – Public and private associations – Federations – Communication agencies – Event planning agencies – Congress Centres and Universities.

Booking Event, the perfect registration for your events.

Our platform is developed on the basis of our twenty-year experience in the world of large-scale events and congresses. For many years we have managed a lot of big international events at hardware and software level.

Moreover, our well proven experience in the world of plastic cards and their related technologies allows us to fulfil any type of request on the basis of actual needs.

The registration and the access control of participants play a very important role for event organizers, for this reason we have created a system which knows very well all the details  after many years of fieldwork and which today, thanks to new technologies, we offer to you in a simple, complete and safe way.

We are talking of an online platform that allows you to create your event in few simple steps, to customize the registration form and configure all the information you need.

From the small event up to those attracting a large number of visitors, with no limits at all. Very interesting is the integration of the online platform with our system of on-site electronic reception which allows to manage with multiple functions the registration and the access to your event.

We have worked to create a product that can host 4 fundamental aspects: Ease of use, Safety, Customizations, Support.


  • Ease of use: You can create your event in complete autonomy through a simple and intuitive back end.

  • Safety: Privacy and safety are managed with the most recent technologies; backup and data are protected by our servers.

  • Customizations: For any specific request we are able to customize the platform ad hoc and integrate it perfectly with your concept of event management.

  • Support: Technical advice for all the required period until the end of the project.

Through the below link you can check in few simple steps how the system works, you can test it with Your email and, if need be, ask all the necessary information for Your event.



The maximum of technology, simplicity and efficiency.


It is a system for the registration and the on-site access control of participants in events, congresses and performances.

Nowadays Loyal Eventi is one of the most complete and efficient methods to register visitors and control their access and it allows to have in real time a detailed map of participants.

We create services based on the following elements:

  • Pre-registration of participants anticipating accreditation operations;

  • Electronic Reception (it can be integrated with the Booking Event platform);

  • Supply of tickets and badges in PVC personalized with the use of different technologies, with possibility of shipping;

  • Access control;

  • Software to monitor data;

  • Data detection at booths;

  • Management of seat allocation in the hall through a Synoptic Panel.

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