Evolving Solutions
A dynamic company in constant evolution

Emme Esse M.S. is synonymous with a success story based on the passion and on the far-sightedness of its founding shareholders.

Emme Esse M.S. has grown and changed over the years, together with the needs of its clients and the evolutions of the market.

Firmly based on its “roots” of competence, professionalism and concreteness, it has grown by opening towards new sectors and increasingly innovative new technologies.



Customer focus, constant innovation and passion for work are the bases of our philosophy and of our performance.
We look to the future, acting with dedication and empathy, favouring people, in their choices and in the daily work.

Faithful to these principles, Emme Esse M.S. has grown over time in dimensions, number of clients and internal organization, diversifying its own activities on the market.


Healthcare Solutions

Identification Systems

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