Agfa NV is one of the world’s leading companies in imaging technology.

Agfa develops, produces and markets analogue and digital systems for the printing industry, for the healthcare sector, as well as for specific industrial applications.

The group has over 150 years of experience in the imaging sector.

Agfa’s Radiology Solutions division provides diagnostic imaging solutions that set standards in terms of productivity, safety, clinical value and cost effectiveness, for conventional X-rays films and screens used in diagnostic imaging, for diagnostic printing systems, for computerized radiography solutions, up to direct radiography and multifunctional systems, and provides also assistance and support services.

Agfa’s headquarters are located in Mortsel, Belgium. The company is present in 40 countries and has agents in another 100 countries in the world.

Emme Esse M.S. acts as agent and distributor of Agfa Radiology Solutions in the Lombardy region.


Agfa Radiology Solutions

  • Direct Radiography – DR
    • DR 600 | High-performance ceiling suspended DR system
    • DR 400 | Scalable floor-mounted DR system, for an individual growth path
    • DX-D 300 | U-Arm DR system: compact system for the execution of all examinations
    • DR 100s, DR 100e, DX-D 100+ | Mobile systems for any need
    • DR Retrofit | DR solutions for the upgrade of analogue systems
    • DR 800 | 2 in 1 remote controlled multifunctional system for static and dynamic radiographic examinations
  • Clever and self-adapting Image Processing – MUSICA
  • Computed Radiography – CR
    • CR 10-X | Entry level CR solution
    • CR 15-X | Desk single-slot CR solution that supports both needle-based detectors and standard phosphor plates
    • CR 30-Xm | Desk single-slot CR solution for mammography and general radiography
    • DX-M | Multi-slot CR solution that supports needle-based detectors and standard phosphor plates
  • Diagnostic printing
    • DRYSTAR printers | Film printing solutions for any need
    • X-Ray Film and Screen for diagnostic imaging

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Healthcare Products

Emme Esse M.S. has a wide portfolio of hardware and software products, developed “in house”, and of commercial partners, accurately selected on the market.

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