Emme Esse M.S. has entered into a distribution agreement for the Lombardy region with the company RIMSA, producer of shadow-free operating lamps.


RIMSA, acronym for “Riparazione Macchine da Scrivere e Affini” (i.e. “Repairs of Typewriters and the like”) was founded in 1963 by Palmino Longoni. Since then, RIMSA has always been headed by the Longoni family, today in their third generation.


RIMSA has been the first company in the world to design a LED shadow-free operating lamp (patent registered in September 2002). The company RIMSA is proud to be Italian and to bring a bit of Italy into the world.

RIMSA lamps are class I products, complying with the requirements of international standard IEC 60601-2-41 and they bear the CE quality mark in conformity with the European Directive CEE 93/42.

For additional information, visit the dedicated website www.rimsa.it

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